Research Projects and Contributions

Sense and Control


Innovative Current Sensing Technology

A new principle of DC/AC measurement technology in the ferromagnetic cores was founded by Uros Platise, and Isotel continued the development of the innovation called Direct Current - Current Transfomer or DC-CT (DCCT).

Technology provides state-of-the-art wide-bandwidth DC sensors for Motor Control, Power Supplies, Battery Management Systems, Safety Leakage Measurement, and Test and Measurements.

Kolektor SiEva PlutonPower



Hyper-connectivity and Sensor Network Protocols

Hypernet research is devoted to decentralization of the MAC and Routing Layers, carrying over the IPv6 boosting the transition from old IPv4 technology at the same time. The new decentralized network operates is independent from centers and can work in all conditions.

Early development of Distributed Concept has been already deployed within our open-source project Isotel IoT and protocol specifications can be found here.

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Drive Response

Human Resource Management – Drive Response

Drive Response (DR) Theory is a personal development method originated on the observations from Enneagram Personality Model. It distinguishes 9 different personality types from Enneagram theory by understanding key human drives and responses.

Theory offers quicker recongition of a type than comparitive methods, and is suitable for use in business, as well as personal relations and personal growth.

Open-Source Contributions

NuttX OS

NuttX Operating System STM32 Port

NuttX is a powerful POSIX compliant operating system for embedded world.

Our engagement was to port Nuttx to STM32 and to introduce the built-in application framework.

Open Source Atmel AVR Assembler & Programmer

As the first engineering samples arrived we provided the first Linux open-source assembler, called ava, and first programmer uisp that supports numerous interfaces, and is still a part of linux distributions as of today.

Project also included minimalistic RTOS named UROS with signals, file descriptors, and pre-emptive multi-tasking.