Isotel Services

We offer a single source for hardware and software expertise carried out by software engineers, hardware designers and project managers working in an efficient manner to save on valuable development time and costs.

What can we do for you?

We provide solutions ranging from mixed signal electronics up to desktop and mobile applications, and modern cloud and fog computing.

Our domains:

Concept Design and Feasibility Studies

We offer early stage development by proposing concepts, evaluation of concepts in simulators and feasibility studies on actual hardware prototypes.

We produce new concepts and solutions with high potential for granted patents.

Hardware/Firmware Design

With reference to the concept design we continue the design phase by finding appropriate components, designing circuits, and simulation. Output of this phase are PCB designs, BOMs, ready for production, and firmware designs and implementations.

We also arrange production with P&P partners.

Compliance Testing

Testing the hardware product against specifications and selected national standards. We are keen to write high reliability and testing code toward automotive standards ISO 26262.

Software Design

In addition to hardware we count several people in the back-end and JS software development.

How do we work?

Planning and Tracking

Advanced Project Management

We have developed our internal closed loop Project Management system to accurately plan, coordinate activities, record progress and report on weekly and monthly basis.

Instant comparison of initial plan, re-planned efforts vs. actual progress.

We have developed own Drive Response methodology to recruit the most skilled personnel.

Private IT Servers

Secure & Private IT Infrastructure

We own a secure IT/VPN TLS-based infrastructure to be able to collaborate on high confidentiality projects, including patents, and mission critical projects.

Use of 3rd party services that could reveal information is used only on a customer request.


Instant Communication

We use modern communication channels for instant collaboration between the team members and partners.

We use and have developed modern tools to support hardware development over internet and VPN’s to easily support customers worldwide, during development, testing and ramp-up in production.

Our Customers

Single chip PFC and LLC Controller

Lowest Component Count, Single Chip PFC/LLC Controller

Isotel in partnership developed a single-chip two-stage tightly coupled PFC and LLC converters: PFC controller that uses coil feedback sensing to reduce component count, eliminates the need for high-voltage resistors, operating in DCM, CrCM and CCM modes, and a high efficiency LLC featuring primary-side voltage regulation.

It meets latest efficiency requirements, as well as <60 mW at no-load.

Infineon Flextronics


Innovative Current Sensing Technology

A new principle of DC/AC measurement technology in the ferromagnetic cores was founded by Uros Platise, and Isotel continued the development of the innovation as service to SiEVA and Kolektor Magma.

Technology provides state-of-the-art wide-bandwidth DC sensors for Motor Control, Power Supplies, Battery Management Systems, Safety Leakage Measurement, and Test and Measurements.

Kolektor SiEva

Danfoss Valve Actuators for Heating and Cooling, 65x Series

Danfoss Valve Actuators for Heating and Cooling

Isotel developed electronics and firmware for the Danfoss Valve Actuators, 65x Series.

Project challenges includes a reliable system with real-time force, position, speed control loops, fine regulation and compensations of the safety spring-up/down function, and powering and driving the actuator from energy limited 3 point pulse control.

System powers from either constant 24/240 Vac, complies to national standards and offers log/lin compensation and other protection functions.


ANKA Control Electronics for Synchrotron

ANKA Control Electronics for Synchrotron

Project included development of distributed precision digital/analog control electronics for magnet power supplies, detectors and interfaces to diagnostic equipment.

KIT IJS Cosylab

ATCA Altera Stratix FPGA

Iskratel ATCA Altera Stratix FPGA Design

Telecommunications FPGA VHDL Design and Implementation of Altera Stratix FPGA Controller for use in VoIP processing.


Services were also provided to following customers and others developing:

  • sensing technologies
  • straingauge, ECG, EMG
  • positioning
  • PMSM control
  • embedded systems,
  • CPLD/FPGA designs,
  • TFT controller,
  • powerline and wireless communications,
  • desktop software development.
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