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Open-Source and Free Design & Development Tools

Mixed Signal Simulation

Mixed Signal & Domain Simulation

Designing embedded applications typically involves analog and digital worlds, from simple micro-controllers, more comprehensive micro-controllers featuring programmable digital and analog logic, or it could refer to a new chip designs. To be able to verify the concepts we strive for simulation tools that could verify both worlds together, not only as a mixed-signal simulation but also to be able to include Verilog and other languages too.

Here we represent how to use open-source/free simulation and synthesis software which run on Linux and MAC and also Windows with our extension for one of the most popular CAD software the (AutoDesk) CadSoft Eagle.

Isotel IoT

Isotel IoT - Design, Develop, Test & Deploy IoT Hardware Rapidly

with the Isotel IoT back-end solution, Desktop and Android front-ends, and restful web json and html interfaces for direct integration into 3rd party applications:

  • Rapid Development of Embedded Systems, Sensors, Test, and Measurement Equipment
  • Enables Remote Team Working on Hardware development
  • Dynamic Content Creation without Host Side Programming accessible via Web, Python, ...
  • Parametric and Table View, Scope/Chart View with 24/7 Logging and Aggregated Data Retrieval
  • Private Cloud for Home and Industrial Environments
  • Open Source Cross-Platform with Professional Support

Measurement Equipment


myLab - Measure from your Pocket

myLab is a versatile instrument which can measure temperatures, electric voltages and currents, strain-gauges, and can do many other specific or customized things. It consists of flexible re-programmable analog and digital peripherals which may perform many different functions.

Such re-configurations change their function and overall purpose of myLab application. It is intended for personal use, labs, infield measurements, and automated test environments (ATE) in production.

Project Management

Planning and Tracking

Advanced Project Management - Phased Planning & Tracking

We have developed our internal closed loop Project Management system to accurately plan, coordinate activities, record progress and report on weekly and monthly basis.

Instant comparison of initial plan, re-planned efforts vs. actual progress.

We have developed own Drive Response methodology to recruit the most skilled personnel.

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