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Isotel Precision Universal Thermometer

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Isotel Precision Thermometer - Hello MQTT

Getting Started with MonoDAQ-U-X

Synchronized Operation of Multiple MonoDAQ-U-X

Open Source IDM Driver for MCU

Isotropic Sensor Network Protocol Specifications

IDM API Reference

IDM Project offers a complete solution for wired and wireless communication with sensor & control devices. IDM Project strives for a correct presentation of sensor measurements, accuracy, precision and an easy description of their complex transfer functions to fulfil the requirements of accurate metering and precise control of the control systems.

It simplifies the integration into sensor networks and the Internet of Things while offering a rapid development of custom embedded hardware solutions. We offer the following:

  • Sensor Network (ISN) Protocol Stack, on top of which you can build your own solution. ISNs are inspired by simple web protocols; they are low-overhead and self-describing (profile-less) in nature, making the development of a customized solution a breeze. ISNs provide the most efficient binary sensor protocol with minimal overhead on the sensor side while offering future compatibility and extensibility.
  • IDM Smart Gateway is a full-fledged software solution, and comes with RESTful Web API, storage and database support, back-end post-processing services, a user permission system, integration into analysis frameworks such as python/jupyter and automated testing, thus enabling a rapid development environment.