ISOTEL Device Manager · IDM

Test & Measure with Certainty, Control Precisely

Designed for developers for Rapid Hardware and Embedded Firmware Development where the free IDM software together with Isotel Sensor Network (ISN) Protocols create a web device without writing a single code on host computer.

The GUI as well as remotely accessible data-structures are entirely created automatically from printf()-like short descriptions without any need to write host device driver support. Descriptions implicitly specify precision, optionally certainty, physical units, math, data-structures along other text elements. Descriptors are designed to provide accurate description of physical quantities measured. Supported with real-time streaming and visualization of time series, spectrum, with gnuradio, jupyter math support, recording and tracing, aggregated retrieval of recorded data with math functions, and more.

With the open-source C-library and python support, one can effortlessly bring up a device ready for quick evaluation and integration into test frameworks during development and finally in production automated test & measurement environments.

Key Features

  • Simplifies embedded hardware development, immediate integration in ATE

  • Small code footprint, shifts pre/post processing of messages to the host

  • Minimize data transfer to raw C structures, in both direction in/out, with inverse calculation

  • Presentation of integers (n x 8 bits), float, double, endianness support, and integers with NaN, precision presentation and accuracy specifications

  • Data structures, with math support and basic vector operations, lists and push-buttons, text descriptions, hyper-links, headings with basic, advanced, and development contexts

  • Table with rows and columns hiding, group settings

  • Streams, with direct TCP/IP sockets for easy and fast data streaming from/to embedded devices peripherals in parallel to control messages

  • Translates also devices into UDP and Web devices with python API interface and jupyter integration

  • Device sharing (forwarding) from one IDM to another IDM instance for remote support, debugging and integration

  • Data recording of all messages, with aggregated (math) queries from N-similar devices (i.e. fetch total energy sum from 100 devices)

  • Severity messages and direct integration with syslog for 24/7 monitoring system

  • Device GUI with full descriptive (web) view, detailed parameters view, real-time scope, history table view

  • Web/JS application for remote monitoring and control, with chart view

  • MQTT Integration, per variable assignments

  • Hardware interfaces: serial, USB, bluetooth

  • Network interfaces: TCP/IP, UDP, web devices

  • USB and Serial Bootloader support for Cypress PSoC4 and PSoC5 families

  • It’s free to use, provided as a supporting tool for ISOTEL products

Download Stable Releases




java8 idm.jar


Universal JAR Package for Java 8, 11, 17

md5sum: fca945cf68cdaeb5a84ac67aeddfa746

deb idm.deb


Debian / Ubuntu Application Package

md5sum: 73cf17a7e8388aa4a025336a41c91b68

deb-server idm-server.deb


Daemon Service for Debian / Ubuntu Package

md5sum: ce8a959ce9c208ed7a971fd38f6a5d16

winmsi idm.msi


Windows MSI (Installer) Package

md5sum: 273a22c43fbf93fcef0ee9ae122b19c7

spk idm.spk


Synology Package bundled with Web App and SysLog integration

md5sum: already included in the package

android idm.apk


Android Signed APK Package, direct download

md5sum: fb39a47fc48ff60cf3502e359f9efee3

python Python API


PyPi Package providing python API

To install type: pip install isotel-idm




Hardware Connectivity


UDP, TCP, Web Devices


CDC Serial, ISN Profile, both auto-connect


over UDP




Serial (auto-connect) with Terminal and TCP Bridging


Serial Port Profile

ISN Protocol Layers

Frame, Transport, Ping, Message as per latest Specifications



Raw Binary File with Timestamp


Web API via simple or complex access aggregated over numerous devices via math functions

Software Integration


python and Jupyter library with full records retrieval support

TCP Streaming

GNUradio TCP Network Streams


Per variable GUI or config file configuration


in-development for version 1.3



PSoC4, PSoC5, USB HID and Serial

ISN Message Layer

Descriptor Editor


Java Version

8, 11, 17

Modes of Operation

as Daemon or with GUI

IDM Software


ISOTEL Device Manager · IDM

ISOTEL IDM Web Dashboard

IDM Release Notes

IDM User Guide

ISN Protocol Specifications