ISOTEL Device Manager · IDM

Test & Measure with Certainty, Control Precisely

IDM cross-platform software provides a remote control and integration of Embedded Hardware and Data Acquisition Devices via the python/Jupyter, and the MQTT. IDM is tested in 24/7 deployments with syslog integration.

Real-time streaming and visualization of time series, spectrum, and additional math support is achieved in conjunction with the isotel-idm python library. Solutions are quickly customized and integrated into any process.

java8 Universal JAR Package v1.1b5 for all Desktops and Embedded Systems

spk Synology DSM 6.1 Package v1.1b5 including Web Dashboard, configured for syslog integration

android Android package, set it up directly from Google Play

python Python support, install simply as pip install isotel-idm

web Web Dashboard for Remote Monitoring and Control


IDM is also a tool for Rapid Hardware and Embedded Firmware Development. The GUI as well as remotely accessible data-structures are entirely created automatically from printf()-like short descriptions without any need to write host device driver support. Descriptions implicitly specify precision, optionally certainty, physical units, math, data-structures along other text elements. With the open-source C-library and python support, one can effortlessly bring up a device ready for quick evaluation and integration into test frameworks during development and finally in production automated test & measurement environments.