Innovations & Proprietary Technologies

ISOTEL DC-CT® Platise Flux Sensor

DOT ≡ DC-CT® ISOTEL Innovation

DC-CT® closed-loop transducers are using patented Platiše Flux Sensor to sense the residual magnetic flux in the core. As the sensor is embedded into a gap-less core it preserves the superb characteristics of the original magnetic material which lead to improved accuracy, stability and immunity.

Isotropic Sensor Network Protocol Specifications

Protocol stack, based on simple reusable protocol objects, designed to meet heterogeneous sensors, for use in sensor networks, as well as diagnostic protocol stack for rapid firmware development.

URSI - High Speed Reliable Connectivity

The Universal Responsive Serial Interface (URSI) is an innovative modulation scheme that delivers the highest effective transfer rate at lowest over-sampling clock for PLL-less CDR across asynchronous sub-systems, with adjustable jitter/clock tolerance for reliable transfers.

Wishbone II - Zero-Stall High-Speed FPGA Transactional Bus

A successor of the Wishbone, called Wishbone II which is introducing the new Transactional Bus Concept. Goal of the Wishbone II is to stay backward interoperable with the Wishbone B.3 and increase the system throughput up to the maximum by allowing multiple transactions at the same time reducing the bus stalls down to zero-cycles.

PlutonPower Smart Circuit Breaker

Patented Smart Circuit Breaker start-up project, offering 1:1 replacement of a circuit breaker.