IDM Download & SetupΒΆ

IDM has long been used internally for embedded hardware development, testing, calibration and customer support. Now, after much testing and polishing, we are proud to release it for public use, with full python and web support, so that developers across the world can employ it to offer their customers a high-quality end-to-end solution, including easy-to-use desktop GUI, Web UI and integration API. We have also set up a forum, while the documentation is being improved constantly.

Program Package Instructions
java8 Smart Gateway IDM

Release 1.1b1 on 05/11/2018

web Smart Gateway Web App

Release 1.0a3 on 2/11/2018

python Smart Gateway Python API

Release 1.0a15 on 5/11/2018

Systems Package Instructions

Synology spk

spk Runs on all models with Java8

Release 5/11/2018

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