For more than 18 years ISOTEL offers research, design and development activities, new technologies and products in the field of sensors, data-acquisition, measurements, control and high performance reliable real-time embedded systems.

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Design Support

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Design Services

We are an interdisciplinary team able to design and develop solutions comprising of mixed signal analogue/digital embedded designs, high performance real-time DSP firmware, communication interfaces with host device drivers, Windows/Linux/MAC/Android software, responsive web pages with web services, and up to the cloud deployment.

Our speciality represent mixed signal designs in data-acquisition and control systems, patented high current DC/AC measurements, distributed communication protocols and high-performance real-time systems. To accomplish highend requirements we have upgraded the open-source ngspice to be able to perform a system simulation of analogue, digital, verilog/VHDL all together with firmware algorithms written in asm/C/C++.

We do complete cycle hardware development. From the early stage in which process we like to propose and develop new concepts, followed by conceptual designs, to the first Alpha proof of concepts deliverables. We have developed our own tools to speedup integration of alpha products within the ATE systems for formal verification, reliability testing, pre-compliance checks and remote support. In the Beta products we search for alternative components, prepare documentation for industrialization, EMS, ATE and perform compliance testing.

Our mission is to design high quality products. Whole process is managed by our own designed Transparent Agile Project Management System, and we own secure & private infrastructure to comply with strict IP protection requirements.

Design Partners

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