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Isotel Precision DC/AC Current Sense Family

Preliminary Information

A High Performance DC and AC Current Transducer with integrated USB Data Acquisition is an ideal equipment for development of systems which require high current dynamic range and long-term testing.

Current Measurements with Confidence


  • Test and Measurement of 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G Products
  • Measurement of Solar Panels, Inverters and Other Energy Harvesting Devices
  • Development of Lion/LiPo Battery Controllers and Chargers
  • Performance Measurement of Switching Power Supplies
  • Coulomb Counter (Battery Fuel Gauge)
  • Power Measurements with Auxiliary Voltage or Trigger Input


  • Analog DC Accuracy <0.1%, Linearity <100 ppm, Bandwidth 2 MHz
  • Data Acquisition Current DC Accuracy 0.1%, 16-bit at 50 kSa/s (alias free)
  • Offset Calibration can be performed at any primary current
  • Primary Current Fuse simplifies direct connections of Batteries
  • Auxilary DAQ Voltage Measurement +/-10 V | 1 MOhm or as Trigger Input
  • Synchronized Data Acquisition of Multiple Units
  • Isolated USB CAT II 125 Vrms
  • Isolated Current Sense Input CAT II 300 Vrms
  • Desktop Software Support for Interactive Operation and
  • Cross-Platform Server (Daemon) mode for Unattended 24/7 Tests


Model Rated Range Max Offset Noise Price
IP1002U 2 A 2.5 A <0.5 mA ~0.1 mArms quote
IP1016U 16 A 25 A <6 mA ~1 mArms quote
IP1040U 40 A 55 A tbd tbd in-devel
IP1100U 100 A 120 A tbd tbd in-devel