Isotel Precision - DC/AC Current Measurement

Isotel Precision Family

A High Performance DC and AC Current Transducer with Analog Output and Measurement Device with integrated Digital USB Data Acquisition is an ideal equipment for development of systems which require high current dynamic range and long-term testing.

  • Test and Measurement of USB 3.0, 3.1, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G Products
  • Measurement of Solar Panels, Inverters, and Other Energy Harvesting Devices
  • Development of Lion/LiPo Battery Controllers and Chargers
  • Performance Measurement of Switching Power Supplies
  • Coulomb Counter (Battery Fuel Gauge)
  • Power Measurements with Auxiliary Voltage or Trigger Input
  • Synchronous Operation with MonoDAQ-U-X Data-acquisition & Metering

ISOTEL DAQ & Metering

IDM Project offers a complete solution for wired and wireless communication with sensor & control devices. IDM Project strives for correct presentation of sensor measurements, accuracy, precision and easy description of their complex transfer functions to fulfil requirements of accurate metering and precise control in control systems.

  • Open Source Cross-platform supports Isotel and MonoDAQ Devices
  • Shortens your hardware development time to market with immediate integration into Test Frameworks and Internet of Things.
  • Full Python (Jupyter) library Support for remote access and data analysis
  • Web RESTful API for integration into LabView, MatLab, JavaScript, and others
  • Runs on Desktops, RaspberryPI and other Embedded platforms

Mixed Signal Simulation

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We design and innovate technology, a high performance and reliable real-time embedded systems comprising of mixed signal, analog & digital, programmable logic with supporting back-end cloud and web front-ends for industrial, consumer market and sport. Applications developed range from sensors, transducers, measurements, DAQ, wireless sensor networks (WSN), control algorithms, and power electronics to prominent high-tech partners as Infineon, Kolektor, Dewesoft, Danfoss, Iskratel and others.

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