ISOTEL Technologies

For more than 10 years ISOTEL offers research, design and development activities, new technologies and products in the field of sensors, data-acquisition, measurements, control and high performance reliable real-time embedded systems | learn more
Building & Automation (Preliminary) Sensor, Data Acquisition (Preliminary) Design & Development ISOTEL Connectivity

PlutonPower Smart Circuit Breaker

URSI Smart Installation

Isotel Precision Universal Thermometer

Isotel Precision DC/AC Current Sense

DC-CT Precision High Current Sensors

Isotel Device Manager · IDM

Mixed Signal & Domain Simulation for Embedded Worlds

Cypress Design Partner (CyPro)

URSI - High-speed Inter-MCU Connectivity

Wishbone II - Zero-Stall High-Speed FPGA Transactional Bus

Isotropic Sensor Network Protocol Specifications

  3rd Party - Partnered