Mixed Signal & Domain Simulation for Embedded Worlds

Designing embedded applications typically involves analog, digital worlds, and embedded code. To be able to verify the concepts we strive for simulation tools that could verify all the worlds together, not only as a mixed-signal simulation but also to be able to include Verilog, co-simulation with Embedded C/C++ and other languages.

Here we represent how to do a spice simulation using an open-source and free version called ngspice in combination with verilog synthesis software called yosys, Isotel extension which offers simple integration of embedded C/C++ (or other) code, and Isotel ngspice extension for one of the most popular cross-platform software the AutoDesk (CadSoft) Eagle. With the included xspice models one can do a similar to matlab/simulink type of simulation to model a mechanical - mechatronics applications and visualize results with blender.


Software Download