Open Jobs

Are you a geek?

  • Working in a growing company, a group of challenging and motivated individuals with knowledge spreading from programmable digital logic, power electronics, high performance RF transmission, firmware development, server side and desktop software, and web applications.
  • Building state-of-the art scalable systems using state-of-the-art distributed and decentralized technologies.
  • Working on a Linux or MAC. In tools selection we think twice if a tool has a future and does not depend on Microsoft Windows.
  • Working from Everywhere. We do not require you to drive and spend valuable time of yours in a congested traffic. We rather put more effort in Project Management Systems and focus on tasks to reach the goals in time.
  • Challenge yourself, make your ideas happen here with us. We are looking for self-motivated people who want do things in a new, better, and different way. Become a part of the Staff members.

Got Excited or have Questions?

Then do not hesitate to submit an application or contact us and learn more about us and our Design Services.