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Isotel Precision DC/AC Current Sense

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Isotel Precision DC/AC Current Sense

A High Performance DC and AC Current Transducer with Analog Output and Measurement Device with integrated Digital USB Data Acquisition is an ideal equipment for development of systems which require high current dynamic range and long-term testing.

Current Measurements with Confidence


  • Test and Measurement of USB 3.0, 3.1, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G Products
  • Measurement of Solar Panels, Inverters and Other Energy Harvesting Devices
  • Development of Lion/LiPo Battery Controllers and Chargers
  • Performance Measurement of Switching Power Supplies
  • Coulomb Counter (Battery Fuel Gauge)
  • Power Measurements with Auxiliary Voltage or Trigger Input


  • Analog DC Accuracy <0.1%, Linearity <100 ppm, Bandwidth 2 MHz
  • Data Acquisition Current DC Accuracy 0.1%, 16-bit at 50 kSa/s (alias free)
  • Offset Calibration can be performed at any primary current
  • Primary Current Fuse simplifies direct connections of Batteries
  • Auxilary DAQ Voltage Measurement +/-10 V | 1 MOhm or as Trigger Input
  • Synchronized Data Acquisition of Multiple Units
  • Isolated USB CAT II 125 Vrms
  • Isolated Current Sense Input CAT II 300 Vrms
  • Desktop Software Support for Interactive Operation and
  • Cross-Platform Server (Daemon) mode for Unattended 24/7 Tests


Model Rated Range Max Offset Noise Price
IP1002U 2 A 2.5 A <0.5 mA ~0.1 mArms quote
IP1016U 16 A 25 A <6 mA ~1 mArms quote
IP1040U 40 A 55 A tbd tbd in-devel
IP1100U 100 A 120 A tbd tbd in-devel