Cypress Design Partner (CyPro)

Experienced PSoC1, PSoC4, PSoC5 and PSoC6 partner.


  • Full Mixed Signal Chip Design with PCB/Layout, Firmware and Supporting Test & Diagnostic Software

  • Precision Analog, Sensor Interfaces, Mixed Mode Reference and DAQ Streaming Applications

  • Custom Digital Signal Processing Filters implemented within DFB

  • USB Custom Device Drivers (Bulk and Isochronous transfers), USB Audio Drivers

  • USB Clock Synchronization down to +/-10 ns

  • Standard Digital Interfaces: UART, I2C, SPI, 1-Wire, QSPI

  • Custom Protocol and Logic Implementations with UDB Data-paths and Verilog

  • Responsive Low-Latency Pre-emptive Real-time Event Systems

  • Assembler Optimizations for Time critical, low-latency real-time code

  • Dynamic Reconfigurations

  • Secure Encrypted Firmware Upgrade

  • Secure Adjustment/Calibration Modes of Test & Measurement Applications

  • Custom digital communication: URSI - High Speed Reliable Connectivity

In addition with the Mixed Signal & Domain Simulation for Embedded Worlds tools we are able to provide comprehensive simulation of analog, digital with verilog and the actual embedded C code running on arm.

Reference Project Areas

  • High Performance DAQ systems

  • USB Devices

  • Wireless Measurement Systems in Sport

  • Wireless ECG

  • Power Measurement

  • Valve Contact-less Industrial Motor Control

  • Power Inverters

  • Fine-LED Controllers

  • Home Automation with embedded Power Line Modem

  • Development Interfaces and Programmers

  • As Peripheral Board Co-processors for Signal Acquisition, Aggregation, ..

Isotel Tools

Cypress PSoC1 Application Notes