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Isotel Precision Universal Thermometer

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Isotel Precision Thermometer

Isotel Precision Universal Thermometer

Measure Anything

A High Performance Pocket USB Thermometer for Personal & Medical, Lab & Industrial, everyday use, made out of safe and non-toxic materials.

The most useful accessory for your Mobile Phone.


Top class accuracy better than ±0.1 °C, NIST tracked and certified for medical use, with digital transducer and USB-C interface and cross-platform IDM data logger software support. Works out of the box, plug and play from Android, Linux and Embedded Systems, MAC OS and Windows, with open API for seamless integration into SCADA systems. Comes with different probes (HAA, and PTA), up to 800 oC temperature range, and different cable lengths.

Designed and produced by Isotel within the EU.

The 5 in 1

  • Body Temperature: Medical Accurate BTB Thermometers, Health Issues
  • Environmental Temperature: Measure everything from Sea Water, Pool-Water, Baths
  • Culinary Use: Kitchen Thermometer, Food & Wine, Baby Milk, Yoghurt
  • Laboratory Use: Accurate Ambient Temperature Tracking, Equipment Testing, Pharmaceutical Use
  • General Purpose Use: Various Maintenance and Measurements


Parameter Specification
Probe HAA  
Probe Material CrNi 316 L, acid resistant
Max Temperature Operating Range -55 .. 150 °C
Accuracy ±0.1 °C, Factory Calibrated
Precision ±0.01 °C
Cable Material Silicon up to 200 °C
Cable lengths 0.5 m, and custom lengths on request
Probe PTA  
Probe Material CrNi 316 L, acid resistant
Max Temperature Operating Range -200 .. 800 °C
Accuracy ±0.2 .. 1 °C vs. Temperature, Calibrated
Precision ±0.02 °C
Cable Material  
Cable lengths 2 m, and custom lengths on request
Storage and Operating Range -40 .. 80 °C
Supply Current <30 mA @ 5 V
USB Interface USB-C Full-Speed 2.0 Compliant
USB Profile Standard CDC & Isotel ISN Profile
Protocol ISN and Simple Text Protocol