Isotel Precision Thermometer

Isotel Precision Thermometer SCPI Reference

The Thermometer provides an ASCII SCPI inteface over the USB CDC (serial) profile, in parallel to the ISN protocol, compatible with the ISOTEL Device Manager · IDM software.





Device ID with versions


Temperature in °C

Measurement is taken at the time of execution of this command

PyVISA Examples

Install required packages:

pip install pyvisa pyserial

to use it as a serial port do:

>>> import pyvisa
>>> rm = pyvisa.ResourceManager()
>>> rm.list_resources()                     # should display the serial port
>>> T = rm.open_resource( given serial )
>>> T.query_ascii_values('meas:temp?')

or connect to the thermometer remotely, i.e. by using IDM and an option to attach a serial port as a stream, which creates TCP/IP socket listening on localhost port 33100:

>>> import pyvisa
>>> rm = pyvisa.ResourceManager()
>>> T = rm.open_resource("TCPIP::", read_termination="\r\n")
>>> T.query("*idn?")
'ISOTEL,Precision Thermometer,5C3F1C94,1.0.0-'
>>> T.query_ascii_values("meas:temp?")