Linux/MAC/Windows (1.1b5)

Thank you for downloading testing jar version.

Release Notes

1.1b5 on 12 April 2019

  • Added new MonoDAQ VID/PIDs
  • Added Device Integrity (md5sum) checks
  • Added Support for Hiding Rows/Cols in Tables
  • Added Streaming Channel Draft Support and Sound Notifications
  • Improvements: Reliability on RPi, Win10, UDP Proxying, Description Editing

1.1b0..1.1b4 till 1 February 2019

  • MonoDAQ API update, requires python isotel-idm version 1.0a16 or newer
  • Improved Data storage Consistency and Data Retrieval
  • Improved dynamic content device loading
  • Bi-directional tcp/ip on SFrame layer
  • Terminal raw transfer in parallel to other layers restored
  • Added Support for MonoDAQ and Isotel Precision Products
  • Simple User Access Control in Standard Version
  • Restructured Null Ping and Padding Protocol Layer
  • Added Support for Tabular environment into Message Layer
  • Content became Interactive (clickable) to set values from available options
  • Reporting Severities and integration into standard syslog
  • Tagged HTML output for easy embedding in JavaScript pages
  • Extensive testing with performance optimizations, bug fixes, and minor feature upgrades