Measure, Supply from your Pocket

Product is discontinued and is replaced by a an improved model MonoDAQ-U-X

myLab is a versatile instrument which can measure temperatures, electric voltages and currents, strain-gauges, and can do many other specific or customized things.

It is intended for personal use, labs, infield measurements, and automated test environments (ATE) in production.


  • Front sensor and extension connectors,
  • high accuracy voltage measurements of 200 ppm,
  • high accuracy resistance measurements of 100 ppm,
  • flexible current limited power supply with output voltage up to 25 V and power of 2 W,
  • USB interface and operation on Android’s, Embedded Systems besides Desktops with GUI and API for direct integration with python and web environments,

visit myLab Specifications page for more information.


myLab features a flexible 4-pin Sensor Connector to sense and supply various sensors at the same time up with flexible current-limited power supply up to 25 V, power of 2 W, and maximum current of 400 mA.

In addition there is a 6-pin Extension Connector used to interface embedded systems, which provides board’s primary power supply of 3 .. 5 V and maximum current of 200 mA.

Functions and Configurations

myLab consists of flexible re-programmable analog and digital peripherals which may perform many different functions. Such re-configurations change their function and overall purpose of myLab application.

The term configuration therefore relates to download-able software modules loaded into the myLab by using a dedicated myLab Configuration Tool. Available configurations are provided under the documentation page, for instance: by opening a Precision Voltmeter with Current Limited Power Supply you may find the download-able configuration on the top of the page.

Extending Features

myLab can interface various sensors and custom boards via sensor and extension connectors and available configurations. In addition myLab can be expanded using on-board stack-able 2x16 connector to directly provide functions as EMG, ECG, pH, ORP sensor probes, multi-port strain-gauge measurements and more.

Do contact us to be able to support your application.